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Piano • Voice

Ben Graves

An alumnus of the University of Oregon School of Music and Dance, Chris Hughes began with voice and piano at age six. At the UO, Chris studied piano performance. He also took vocal performance lessons and actively sought out workshops. Over the course of time, Hughes has had the pleasure to learn from such professionals as Clare Wachter, Christianne Noll, Bob Chillcott, Edward Higgenbottom, etc. He has worked with such groups as the Salem Boys' Choir, Combustion Chamber Orchestra, various university ensembles, choirs, churches, etc.

Hughes also has solo performance experience playing private events, performing in piano and vocal competitions, and playing for public venues. He has toured in ensembles throughout the United States, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Canada. What is more, Chris is multilingual, being conversational in French, Spanish, and English.

In both voice and piano, Chris has a deep fondness for Baroque, Romantic, Impressionist and Jazz musics, though his skills extend beyond those constraints. He enjoys constant study, expanding his musical knowledge to better share with his students. Chris encourages his students to find their own areas of musical interest and helps them to investigate these areas thoroughly.

Hughes has several years of pedagogical experience, having taught piano, tutored voice, tutored french, taught beginners' Argentine tango, and mentored for early­stage English literacy. Deeply fond of teaching and mental problem­solving, Chris also enjoys hiking, reading and dancing Argentine tango.