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Piano • Guitar • Bass • Voice

Ben Graves

Sam Krulewitch is a CHORDination graduate who has been playing piano since he was six years old, as well as guitar, bass and voice for the past ten. Over the years, he has enjoyed an array of musical expressions: classical music, especially romantic and impressionistic, blues and roots music, jazz music with ensemble, small combo and solo, funk bands, hard rock bands, experimental rock, soft rock, pop music, singer-songwriter music, and composition in all of the above genres

Sam graduated from Oberlin College with an B.A. in 2007, and has since spent time touring with various independent acts, composing music, studying classical piano, and recording music with a number of bands. After traveling, he returned to Portland, his home, (and his favorite place in the world,) having not been drawn to any of the places he visited, to seek employment in music.

Passion in playing music, in all forms, is Sam's motivation to teach. He believes in hard work, picking the right music, excitement at the bench, never quitting, and live performance.