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Piano • Improvisation • Composition

Ben Graves

Spencer taught himself to the play the piano when he was 14. Soon after he began taking lessons with Joan Gathercoal in Corvallis. With great teaching and dedication, he quickly made up for lost years and excelled in classical piano. By the time he was 18, he only wanted to pursue music and went to the University of Oregon. He graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor’s in Music and shortly thereafter moved to Portland.

In the past decade, Spencer has performed in countless groups around Portland, mostly in the Jazz, Funk and Hip-Hop worlds. You can currently see him in his live Hip-Hop project called Addverse Effects (www.addverseeffects.com/) as well as a Jazz Fusion band called Innersphere, where he composes in addition to playing various keyboards. His specialties are Jazz, Funk, Pop, and Rock and Roll music, as well as all kinds of keyboard instruments (electric pianos, organs, synthesizers). Spencer is well versed in classical theory and harmony, as well as general music theory. Spencer is an OMTA teacher who can teach Syllabus, a graded curriculum for more serious piano students. He also teaches Jazz, both improvisation and composition. While the piano is his main instrument, he also plays and teaches beginning guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. If it’s rock and roll, he can teach it! Spencer works as a freelance musician in addition to teaching with Chordination.

Hear Spencer’s music on Soundcloud.