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Piano • Guitar • Singing

Jack Russell

Jack Russell began a lifelong love of music at an early age, starting as a singer and moving towards piano and guitar. In high school, Jack performed as a choral singer, musical theatre artist, and as a pianist for both jazz groups and worship settings. While studying at the University of Minnesota, Jack studied tenor voice with renowned operatist and voice professor John De Haan and piano with Jamaican classical pianist Paul Shaw. Jack studied vocal and classroom music at the University of Minnesota, earning a degree in K-12 Music Education in 2020. He also held a longtime position as a tenor vocalist and choral leader with First Christian Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jack has taught in a variety of classroom and individual settings, including dual-language immersion public schools as well as technology-focused charter schools.

Jack is currently playing and performing with local groups as a keyboardist and vocalist, as well as composing music with experimental composers specializing in digital audio workstations. He also develops lessons for K-12 classroom teachers in a variety of settings, specializing in creating curriculum for virtual learning. Though having lived in Polk County in the past, Jack is new to the Portland area and is excited to bring a love of music to everyone he meets. With a desire to connect students to how music serves the world around them, Jack focuses on expression and personal growth to allow new students to truly flourish.