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Vocals • Piano • Guitar

Jacob Hoglund

Jacob Hoglund is a pianist, vocalist and guitarist native to Portland Oregon. He has performed a diverse range of music over the last several years and has accompanied for choirs and musical theater across the city of Portland. He was a winner of the Honors Recital at George Fox University in 2015 and 2017 and continues to perform and share his passion for music with others. Jacob has worked as music director of his church since 2010 and is currently a senior piano scholarship student at George Fox University. He is on track to graduate with concentrations in piano performance and music composition this year.

Jacob Hoglund has been teaching private music lessons since 2012. He believes very strongly that music is a way to bring peace and light into a dark and hurting world. He wants to share this love of music with his students so they can learn to do the same. Through his teaching Jacob strives to create an environment where each student feels safe and valued while being pushed to improve, developing a critical ear and become a lifelong learner of music.

In addition to music Jacob enjoys hiking, swimming, and playing chess.

Do not merely practice your art, but force your way into its secrets. - Ludwig Van Beethoven