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Piano • Composition • Voice

Jesse Cook

The passion for music and the pursuit of it began when Jesse was 6 years old. He loved learning about chord charts, music theory, and listening to the great musical masters such as Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart. Eventually this passion for music led him to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree with a focus on music theory.

He has taught music to all ages from 4 to 80. He works especially well with younger children. He has worked as an accompanist for over 10 years in church, choir, and music theater settings. In addition to piano, Jesse is able to teach voice lessons.

Jesse has recently moved back to Portland with his wife and young daughter as he completes his graduate degree and pursues his interest in music.

Jesse teaches music with energy and enthusiasm with a principle: “Perfect practice makes permanent.” He enjoys listening to classical pieces as well as film and video game musical scores. With his spare time, he is completing his master’s degree in speech and language pathology.