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Piano • Voice • Ukulele

Josie Jones

Josephine Jones is a professional vocalist who has been teaching voice, ukulele and beginner piano for over ten years. Josephine has performed Nationwide and Internationally, training in Switzerland with world renown soprano Dame Gwyneth Jones and touring in Tokyo in 2018 and 2019 as a solo artist. After receiving her Bachelors of Music in vocal performance from the University of Idaho in 2020, she formed her band ‘IgikoPop’ in Portland, Oregon.

Previous work includes providing vocals and compositions for the infamous PC game ‘Yandere Simulator’ and collaboration with Happy Hardcore DJ S3RL on the track ‘I Feel Alive’. In 2023, she released her first album titled: “IgikoPop 1st Mix”. Josephine is also an avid Harajuku fashion lover and influencer. She has been featured alongside her twin sister and fellow influencer Kawaiiconic Ali on Barcroft’s ‘Hooked on the Look’ and has participated in multiple Harajuku Fashion Walks in the Harajuku district in Shibuya, Japan. She has also worked as a model and brand ambassador with fashion brands such as Hot Topic, Splat Hair Dye, ACDC RAG and 6% DOKI DOKI.