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Guitar • Bass • Composition

Reed Bunnell

Reed grew up in San Francisco, CA and bought his first instrument, a bass guitar, when he was a freshman in high school. Playing bass soon became the biggest passion in his life as he learned different genres of music such as jazz, rock, funk, and especially the blues. He soon became interested in other instruments, became a member of several different jazz ensembles, discovered acoustic guitar and piano and soon became highly skilled with those instruments. He has also taken an interest in rock and blues singing.

Reed’s high school band was of the most popular bands at the school and played at many local events. His post-high school band has produced a CD and played or headlined at many local venues.

Reed loves music and he loves to have fun. The joy that he exhibits when playing or teaching music is absolutely infectious. You will learn much music and learn to have fun with music if you decide to work with Reed.

Reed graduated from Lewis and Clark College in 2015 with a B.A. in music performance specializing in jazz on the electric bass. While in school he took an assortment of private lessons such as 5 years of electric bass, two years of guitar, two years of piano, and one year of voice. Reed studied under Portland jazz greats Dan Balmer, Dave Captein, and Jeff Leonard. When not playing music Reed enjoys spending his time distance running.