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Piano • Composition • Voice

Spencer Grubb

Born in Sherwood, OR, Spencer has always been a lover of music. He began learning piano at the age of six and has been involved with music ever since. He also began performing at a young age, inspiring a love of theater. In 2014, he graduated from BYU-Hawaii with a Bachelor’s in Music. While in school, he took voice lessons to continue his lifelong passion for singing. His undergraduate senior recital was comprised of all original works. Spencer enjoys composing and creative writing and encourages his students to explore these activities as they grow as musicians. He believes that everyone has a story to tell, and that music is a great medium to express yourself in a deeply personal way.

After finishing his bachelor’s degree, he continued pursuing his passion for music. Throughout 2018, he worked on a short musical called “Familiar Strangers.” He composed the music and wrote the lyrics to the show. It was performed in October of last year and played to a sold out crowd every performance. The show focuses on the theme that everyone is a deep and complex individual with their own experiences and challenges. Almost all the characters have their own musical identity, drawing from different genres for inspiration. Spencer wanted the characters to feel unique, and the music reflects that.

Spencer is fascinated by all styles of music. He enjoys discovering new styles of music and finding ways to incorporate them into his compositions. He loves learning and helping others learn about music in any way he can.